The Eastern Mediterranean

The Eastern Mediterranean encompasses a variety of stunning locations, many of which have been the setting for legendary battles and lasting myths.

Where breathtaking views insight awe and rich traditions thrive across tiny island communities.

As you cruise, you'll explore vibrant cities embracing modernity, while paying their respects to a fascinating past.

One of humanity’s most important crossroads, and now a route offering such variety of ports, the Eastern Mediterranean is a route paved with historic monuments and paradise-like island groups, where the past is celebrated in the present.


One of the most attractive towns on Turkey's western Aegean coast, where intimate tranquil bays welcome a choice of water sport activities and UNESCO World Heritage-listed sites, such as Ephesus, invite insight into local culture.

Dating back to 3000BC, there is history etched into every aspect of this coastal town. Visit the Byzantine fortress of Kusadasi Castle providing stunning vistas over the bay, admire the unusual Ottoman architecture of the 17th century Haci Ibrahim Camii mosque, and experience the unique daily life in the Grand Bazaar.

Once a sleepy fishing village, Kusadasi has been transformed into a vibrant resort town home to some of the best beaches on Turkey’s western coast. Unwind on the golden sands of the quiet Kustur Beach, or wander the bustling promenade of Ladies Beach. 
Kusadasi, Turkey


Created by a volcanic eruption, the rugged landscapes of Santorini have become iconic as the foundation for the whitewashed and blue-domed houses of Fira and Oia.

Surrounded by turquoise water, visit the fishing village of Ammoudi Bay, Red Beach or one of the island's many boutique wineries.

As part of the Cyclades islands in the Aegean Sea, Santorini is an island like no other. Famed for its extraordinary sunsets, witness the nightly spectacle of the sky plunging into a blood orange hue as the sun disappears into the azure ocean waters.

Immerse yourself in the island life by sampling the local Vinsanto wine, exploring the remains of the ancient Minoan city of Akrotiri, and basking on its unspoiled beaches.
a blue fire hydrant sitting in the snow


Straddling Europe and Asia, Istanbul is a contrast of cultures. Istanbul is a place where one could easily lose themselves in the history of the region.

The sites, aromas and sounds of this former Byzantine empire, will astound and amaze you. The most famous of sites is the beautiful Hagia Sophia, a triumph of Byzantine architecture and one of the most visited museums in the world. An engineering marvel for its time, it was the largest building in the world, first constructed as a Greek Orthodox Patriarchal Christian cathedral, while later serving as a mosque, before being turned into a museum.

Equally as stunning is the nearby Sultan Ahmed Mosque, also known as the Blue Mosque. The mosque was constructed over a 7 year span, from 1609 – 1616, as a way to reassert Ottoman power. Nearby is the Roman-era Hippodrome, known as the social and sporting center of Constantinople, famous for its horse and chariot racing. It is said that large amounts of money were bet on these races, with as many as 8 chariots racing at a time (two per team), each of which was sponsored by one of the four competing political parties.

Enjoy the exciting atmosphere of the Grand Bazaar, one of the oldest and largest in the world, as it tantalizes your senses with stalls upon stalls of aromatic spices, Turkish coffee, and other culinary delights. Be amazed by the handwoven Kilim rugs, copperware, pottery and other goods handcrafted and sold in the bazaar. Be sure to sharpen your bargaining skills to fully appreciate your experience.


Where the sea meets the mountains, the Cypriot city is full of romance.

Located on the coast of Cyrpus, Paphos is included in the official UNESCO list of cultural and natural treasures of the world's heritage for its ancient ruins and was selected as a European Capital of Culture in 2017. Ancient temples and enchanting turquoise seas are the lure of Paphos. Enjoy breathtaking views from many vantage points suck as from Aphrodite’s Rock. Mythology has this as the birthplace of Aphrodite. Located between Limasol and Paphos, this is a must see for visitors.
In the old town, be sure to make time to relax in Adonis Baths, a beautiful lagoon and waterfall. Or if you prefer, visit the Castle and the Tomb of the Kings, a large necropolis located just outside the city walls of Paphos. Unlike its name suggest, it is not a burial ground for kings but for high level administrative officers, distinguished persons and their families. It is known for its impressive monuments to the deceased. Or perhaps you’ll visit the Odeon Amphitheatre, one of the most important architectural sites in Cyprus.

Cruise for longer

If you’re looking to extend your adventure, we’ve created a collection of combination cruises, consisting of two itineraries combined to complement one another. Combine The Charms of the Greek Coastline and Eastern Mediterranean Enchantment to discover stunning locations, breathtaking views and island life.